Muelle del rosario brujas

Muelle del rosario brujas

Church of our lady brugescollegiate church in bruges, belgium

Of all the beautiful corners that Bruges can boast, there is no other like this one. The so-called Rosary Quay is the place where the most flashes are fired, where the most batteries and batteries of cameras and cell phones run out. And the reasons for this, no matter how much I explain it to you in words, you will only really understand them by being there and enjoying the moment.

Rozenhoedkaai, which is how this place is called in Dutch, is nothing more than a bend in the Dijver, one of the most important of all canals in Bruges. But the picture that you will find there seems to me the essence of Bruges, with those stone buildings that seem to come out of the water, with views of the bell tower in the background … And all with a very medieval air, very different time, very classic.

Church of our lady of bruges

That Bruges is the most visited city in Belgium surprises no one from the moment they set foot in the city and take a look around. Likewise, that the Rosary Quay is the most photographed place in the city does not surprise anyone. And, although everything in this city is charming, this is a magical corner.

The Rosary Quay is one of the most appropriate places to capture the essence of Bruges, which is connected by a large network of canals to the river Zwyn; canals that characterize its medieval urban layout and give it the nickname of the Venice of the North. For this reason, among others, it is one of the main attractions of the city and one of the places that Buendía Tours was not going to miss.

Trade in the Middle Ages made Bruges one of the most prosperous cities in Europe. The end came when the Zwyn River silted up and trade ended, plunging the city into oblivion for four long centuries. The era of «Bruges the Dead» began.

At the Rosary Quay we can once again enjoy the hustle and bustle it had in the Middle Ages as a merchandise dock, since it is one of the busiest tourist spots in the city and, although the large cargo ships no longer dock there, they do leave the city from the port.


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Minnewater park

It offers one of the most characteristic views of Bruges. Near the pond is the house of the Tanners (Huidenvettershuis), built in 1630, beautiful example of civil architecture. Next to it is a house with a turret. A little further on you can see the high roof of the chapel of the Holy Blood. On the left, majestic, almost austere, stands the bell tower.

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