Julio iglesias canciones de amor

Julio iglesias canciones de amor

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the love of my life

The recovery was hard and long, but Igleasias found an opportunity that opened up a fabulous world for him. A nurse gave him a guitar to practice the mobility of his hand, which had been seriously injured.  Faced with the difficulty of moving, the artist began to write and embarked on a path that made him a famous singer-songwriter.

The song not only catapulted his career, but the romance with Gwendolyne coincided with a moment when he was inspired. In the song he expressed the intense feelings he had for his girlfriend and made millions of people fall in love with his story.

His Eurovision performance was such a success that when it was over he was hired to make a film about his life called «Life goes on the same». The film traced the life of the singer-songwriter, from his childhood, the car accident and with the performance of Jean Harrington in the character of Gwendolyne.

Precisely during the filming, it was rumored that the singer had an affair with Harrington. Although it is not known if the story was true or not, the film positioned him among the most desirable leading men of the moment.

romantic songs

The history of Julio Iglesias with Isabel Preysler was one of the most talked about stories. Now the couple continues their life separately, but in ‘Huellas de Elefante’ we have remembered the most special moments of their history.

In an interview, Julio confesses that he met Isabel recently but feels he has known her forever. As for the parents of the young woman, he assures that his economic position does not matter at all.

The couple is getting married in the town of Illescas, Toledo. A media wedding where hundreds of fans attend the church. After the wedding Julio resumes his Spanish-American tour. Shortly after, their first daughter is born: María Isabel Iglesias Preysler, better known as Chábeli Iglesias.

when i need you

The podium of honor of the Top 100 Albums list, which is prepared every week by Media Control, is completed by the children’s group 3+2, formed by five former participants of the Eurojunior contest, and their debut album Girando sin parar at number 2, and Los Planetas from Granada with their Los Planetas contra la ley de la gravedad, at number 3.

The most recent releases by Los Lunnis, Marc Anthony, Radio Futura, David Bisbal (who has sold more than 900,000 albums), Anastacia, Bebe and Melendi, are the artists that complete, in the same order, the Top 10.

The most outstanding entry of the week, apart from the aforementioned Julio Iglesias and Los Planetas, is the Californians Red Hot Chili Peppers and their first live album, Live in Hyde Park, recorded last June in London.

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