Frases bonitas sobre la musica

Frases bonitas sobre la musica

music and love phrases

«Great paintings should not be in museums. Paintings should be on the walls of restaurants, in department stores, in public toilets… music is the only thing that’s in tune with what’s going on. It’s not the bomb that should disappear, kid, it’s the museums.»

«The whole starving artist thing is a myth. It was started by the big bankers and the prominent young ladies who buy art. They simply want to keep the artist under their domination. You don’t have to starve to be a good artist. You just have to feel love and have a clear point of view. And you have to fight depravity. Not compromising, that’s what makes a good artist. It doesn’t matter if you have money or not. Besides, there are other things that make up wealth or poverty besides money.» (January 1978)

«I’m only Bob Dylan when I have to be Bob Dylan. Most of the time I want to be myself. Bob Dylan never thinks about Bob Dylan. I don’t think of myself as Bob Dylan. It’s like Rimbaud said: I am the other.»

phrases about portuguese music

Your life unfolds between pentagrams and eighth notes, that in itself makes you a mathematician, since you must have a millimetric calculation in the composition, to be able to make everything sound harmoniously and smoothly, this is art and you are a master without precedents.

There is nothing more pleasant than enjoying a nice melody feeling the sea breeze, observing nature and more. This is an art that many should practice. It is a way to find yourself.»

:: «Nowadays we have left a little bit aside what art means. Let’s remember that through it we can feel more relieved, heal our sadness, among other things. Let’s learn to value the art that we all have inside us.

:: «To paint a picture it is not necessary to be a well-known painter. We all have the ability to paint and draw what we are imagining, thinking and more. Dare and let out all that is inside you».

phrases of passion for music.

«The singing of our sacred hymns, written by servants of God, produces a powerful effect in converting people to the principles of the Gospel and in fostering peace and spiritual progress.»

«…hymns can benefit us individually because they give us encouragement, courage, and the impetus to act rightly; they fill our souls with heavenly thoughts and give us spiritual peace.»

«…singing the songs of Zion, even when sung imperfectly, but with the inspiration of God, will move the hearts of sincere people more effectively than if sung well, but without the Spirit of God.»

phrases of famous songs in spanish

The composer, whose raw material is sounds and who decides which instruments to use, must first learn the techniques of composition and then work hard at his craft, practice, make mistakes and erase, try new experiences and thus learn by trial and error from his own experiences.

To speak of a classical composer or a modern composer, a baroque composer or a renaissance composer, lies in the conviction that everyone else will interpret it in the same way.

The origin of Composer’s Day is due to the commemoration of the founding of the Society of Authors and Composers of Mexico on January 15, 1945. It was founded due to the need to process author’s rights. As of 1983 the composer’s day began to be celebrated.

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