Canciones graciosas en español para reirse

Canciones graciosas en español para reirse

29:04el buen humor de la musica mexicana 10 canciones …la musica mas mexicanayoutube – 4 dec 2019

And although they are really about, as the theme itself says, ‘things that hurt’, it may be that when listening to all these situations and not live them directly, it seems funny to us.  To give a party and nobody goes’, ‘To pack a suitcase to stay’, ‘That they give a talent award and the jury comes and declares it deserted’, ‘That because of age you don’t get a discount’… Unmissable!

A song more and more current, if that’s possible. With all these selfie sticks, it seems that photography is becoming more and more socially meaningful, as an ‘exhibition of shots at a random target’ as Mr. Chinarro assures and that frankly reflects the society of labels and postureo in which we live.

The story of a man who does not face his failed marriage and pays for it with his wife’s lover, told with the voice of Albert Pla and his charismatic interpretation. Catchy, with Andalusian and flamenco touches and with an enormous sarcasm.

Neighborhood stories summarized in songs of less than five minutes and marginal and invented characters (or not, perhaps only Nacho himself will admit that) are the undisputed protagonists of the singer-songwriter’s discography. In this single we discover, in a humorous way, the mediocre lives of his fallen heroes, actors of ‘his movie’, ‘such nice people, they are not very memorable actors’.

The funniest song in the world

Beyond famous comedians, the internet has given great musical sketches of comedians who have achieved fame there. «Fuck Me Ray Bradbury» by Rachel Bloom, for example, did the magic of producing both laughter and erection (the real way to my heart), but the one that truly fascinated me from the first wave of YouTube (aside from a comedian with a couple of records who will appear on the main list) was «Wrong Hole» by DJ Lubel.

On the List of Records with Values, Vicissitude and I couldn’t manage to agree on just one entry. He was for Gigatron. I was for El Reno Renardo. My reasoning is that El Reno is an excellent metal band that, incidentally, makes funny lyrics. Gigatron, especially at that time, made Los Inhumanos look like Dream Theater.

I have to surrender to the evidence that I NEVER sing the lyrics to «The Final Countdown» anymore. «Te Peto el Cacas» has completely replaced Europe. And let’s not forget the magic of the goat organ solo. That’s humorous genius.

Stupid and funny songs

this is definitely the bottom of the musical barrel, but for one summer we all sang it (although we probably hated it, even then). This man makes us think Chip Torres deserves a Grammy.

Is there anything more horrendous? Besides having the stiffest dancers in show business and a hairstyle that harkens back to the Hellraiser movies, we can’t conceive at what point it was acceptable to moo at parties like farm animals.

this song takes washawashear to another level. Some people call Chombo ‘El Mudo’ but we’re sure it must be ‘El Sordo’, because if he could hear himself sing he wouldn’t torture us with little gems like this.

We include this song not because it’s bad, but because we have no idea what it says and yet, who hasn’t blown kisses at parties? Washawasheadora par excellence and for the girls a very attractive man.

Funny songs lyrics

And what do the tiktokers tell in that minute of time limit that the application offers them? Estela Ortiz, expert in digital ethnographies and responsible for the selection of tiktoks in the PUBER exhibition in Barcelona, explained to Verne that young people «talk about their vulnerabilities and insecurities, but not in a victimizing way, but naturalizing them, making irony, with a very intelligent humor, with many layers».

Many of the comic videos that can be seen in the application joke or ironize about real day-to-day situations: those that occur at home, in class…. This is what is known in English as relatable humor or memes, situations with which many users can identify.

In TikTok we also find the opposite extreme: that of the absurd. «Absurdity is already part of the millennial and centennial imaginary due to the historical context we are living in. You have to take it with humor,» Ortiz told Verne. This type of comedy resorts to surprising endings (videos that end unexpectedly) or surreal situations, many of them recreated with the help of another of the platform’s tools: filters. Thanks, for example, to the green screen (which allows the background of a video to be replaced by an image selected by the user), tiktokers can place the action of their videos anywhere: a medieval castle, a cemetery, the border with Morocco… or the sky itself.

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